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Vala Mar Residences is the main recreational destination for individuals and families who want to enjoy the nature, as well as seek security, construction quality and infrastructure. The residential part of this complex, includes villas and apartments of various types, which are located amidst the characteristic greenery of the area, and they face the golden coast of Gjiri i Lalzit. Extending 10km in the Adriatic coastline, Gjiri i Lalzit offers one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic Riviera. 

Vala Mar Residences combines the experience, professionalism and advanced methodology for the benefit of the prospect residents, local community and touristic Albania. The community provides a variety of services, facilities and entertainment alternatives that ensure a pleasant stay. Also, the location of the community near the main cities in Albania, ensures the access to the main living facilities and commodities. The location and the development of the infrastructure gives values to Vala Mar Residences, making it the oasis of tranquillity and relax near the Adriatic Sea.

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