Gjiri i Lalzit, Vala Mar Residences



Have you always dreamed of owning a house caressed by sunrays? In Lalzi Bay the sun shines no less than 300 days a year. The average temperature of the area is very pleasant so you are able to enjoy your residence and the nature throughout the year.

Lalzi Bay, Vala Mar Residences

The proximity to the main cities enables the residents to enjoy their stay in Vala Mar Residences not only during the summer vacations, but during every weekend too. This favorable location enables easy access to other facilities, such as: Hospitals, Police Stations and Shopping Malls.

Lalzi Bay is located in an elite area, untouched by massive tourism. The golden coast of Lalzi Bay is ideal for strolls in the beach, long swimming sessions and other water sports. Also, the area is characterized by the greenery, mainly pines and 80 years old plants so you can enjoy the nature.