Natyra dhe klima, Vala Mar Residences


The wild Albanian nature is a touristic attraction for many foreigners. It features lowlands in the west, hills and mountains in the central part of the country, and high mountains covered by forests in the north, east and south. The vegetation is wild in dense forest areas and cultivated, especially in areas planted with pine, beech and fruit trees, as well as olives and citrus in the south. The fresh bio foods of the wonderful Albanian nature have developed over the centuries a palate and love for good food among the people, perfecting the local culinary tradition. 


Climate in Albania is very diverse due to its geographical position, altitude from the sea level and mainly due to the hilly and mountainous relief. The entire territory is divided into four climatic zones, but the Mediterranean and subtropical climate are the main ones. The climate significantly affects the enrichment of the biodiversity of the country. It is worth mentioning that Albania enjoys over 300 days of sunshine during a year. During the summer and autumn seasons, the sun shines for over 11 hours a day.