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In recent years, Albania is being promoted by international prestigious media (Lonely Planet, New York Times, etc.) for its wonderful natural, cultural and historical attractions and continuously is ranked as one of the recommended places to visit.

Albania is considered as a country with high tourism potentials: spectacular mountains, many forests, rivers and sandy and rocky beaches. Tourism in Albania is mainly divided into three categories:

      •   Beach vacations and ecotourism  
      •   Walking tour and cultural tourism  
      •   Sports tourism

The coastline with its beautiful sandy and rocky beaches has a length of 470 km from the Adriatic Sea to the north to the Ionian Sea to the south. The wild nature, high mountains and dense forests are the attractions of tourists who seek adventure, long route hiking and mountain climbing throughout the year. The wild nature is widespread in the north and east and mainly in south tourists can explore the Canyons of Skrapar and Syri i Kalter/Blue Eye by canoe.

Albania has significant tourist potentials not only because of the nature attractions, but also due to the cultural and archaeological heritage. Three Albanian cities are part of the UNESCO world heritage: the 2000 years old Berat known for its typical houses; Gjirokastra with the cobbled streets; and the ancient city of Butrint, the one of its kind, because it bears the history of 4 ancient civilization ages.

In recent years the sports tourism has seen significant development, including such activities as paragliding, rafting, highlighting the development of the so-called “adventure tourism”.

One of the most attractive areas in the Adriatic coastline is Lalzi Bay, which has gathered a lot of positive comments from foreign and local visitors.