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Investment Opportunities in Lalzi Bay/ Gjiri i Lalzit 
Invest wisely

There are 3 areas in Lalzi Bay for which the Government of Albania has granted the approval for development and investment. The areas of investments are bordered by the Adriatic Sea and they are very attractive for the development of tourism due to the sandy beaches unaffected by human activity. The touristic development plan also includes the development of local infrastructure, which affects the value growth of the areas.

Vala Mar, Shtepi, Vila, Apartamente, Restorante, Vala Mar Residences

The areas can be used for development of touristic facilities: residential premises of 2-4 floors or hotel and tourism services can be built. The areas are located in a sandy shore with linear length of 1 km. The average sale price in this area is:

   -For villas 1,050 €/m2
   -For apartments 1,000 €/m2
   -For land 60 €/m2

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 Vala Mar, Shtepi, Vila, Apartamente, Vala Mar Residences