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The free market reforms have opened the country to foreign investments, especially in the field of power, transport, infrastructure and tourism development. Albania is a member of the UNO, NATO, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Council of Europe, the World Trade Organization, and it is one of the founding members of the Union for the Mediterranean. In 2014, Albania received the candidate status for membership in the European Union.

Albania is considered a country of significant touristic potentials: spectacular mountains, man forests, rivers, as well as sandy and rocky beaches. The coastline is 470 km long and it runs along the Adriatic Sea in north and Ionian Sea in south of the country. The high touristic potentials of Albania are not related only to the nature attractions, but also to the cultural and archeological heritage.

Foreign Investments in Albania. Regarding the foreign investments and acquisitions up to € 10,000,000 in Albania:

• The foreign investments in the Republic of Albania are not subject to prior authorization. They are allowed and treated based on terms not less favorable than those recognized to domestic investments in similar conditions, with the exception of land ownership, which is regulated by a special law.
• In any case and at any time, investments have equal and unbiased treatment; they enjoy full protection and security.
• In any case, foreign investments have a treatment not less favorable than the one provided by the universally accepted norms of the international law.

The Law on Strategic Investments
The Tourism Sector, which is one of the 5 strategic investment sectors, divides the strategic investments into two categories:

• Equal or more than € 5.000.000 and at the same time, it generates at least 80 new jobs, in order to obtain the "Strategic investment / investor, assisted procedure" Status.
• Equal or more than €50.000.000, in order to obtain "Strategic investments / investor, special procedure” Status.

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