Perse te investoni te Gjiri i Lalzit, Vala Mar Residences



The value of the area for investment and the customer demand in this area is constantly growing not only due to the development of tourism and economy, and the facilities for investment offered by the Albanian state, but also due to these main benefits of the area:

Lalzi Bay offers the luxury of an easily accessible destination being located very near the capital, the international airport and the main transport and traffic arteries. Only 30 minutes away from “Mother Theresa Airport” , Lalzi Bay welcomes locals and foreigners to explore the wonders of the area.

Nature has designed a small living paradise so near the main cities in Albania: Tirana and Durrës. This ensures the ease of providing various facilities and services. The area is located near facilities and at the same time it is sufficiently away to avoid the noise of metropolis.

An ideal touristic destination, Lalzi Bay has an almost unmarked nature and a coast line of 14 km. This area is famous for the sandy beaches little touched by human activity, as well as for the privacy they offer.

During all these years, Lalzi Bay was preserved from the side effects of urbanization and it will now benefit from several infrastructure development projects. Lalzi Bay will become a touristic destination with advanced infrastructure and high development. The touristic development in this area has just begun.

All these benefits ensure a constant growth of your investment.