Sherbimet kryesore, Vala Mar Residences



Actually, the first services offers are:

We want to offer you a unique experience. For this reason, the maintenance of the resort is carried out by a specialized company that offers high standards of service.

Vala Mar Residences offers maximum tranquility and security for all the residents of the resort. The resort will offer high levels of security by specialized companies, as well as 24 hours camera surveillance, without compromising the privacy of the residents.

Very soon the residents of Vala Mar Residences will enjoy the commodity provided from other facilities like:

You will be able to explore restaurants with traditional, local and international dishes located within the resort or near the shore. The culinary artistry will be even more enjoyable thanks to the wonderful view of the coastline of Lalzi Bay.

A well prepared cocktail for your pleasure or a fresh juice of different colors and tastes for the delight of your children will refresh you during the hot days and cool afternoons in the recreational premises of the bar near the sea.

You will be able to find all necessary products, as well as a variety of additional products in the supermarket located in the center of the resort, thus avoiding long and tiresome walks.

In order to guarantee your wellbeing and that of your family, the resort has a medical clinic which is open 24/7.

The drug store in the resort will offer everything you need to take care of the hot sun during the summer or other unpleasant medical situation.