Facilitete, Vala Mar Residences



The resort has guaranteed free parking for all residents. Also, all the visitors will be able to access the public parking available for them.

The resort has an entrance/exit road which connect the internal roads of the resort to the public road of the area. The internal road infrastructure differentiate the vehicles road from the sidewalks and passages. The internal traffic of the area is regulated by traffic signs.

The dedicated high voltage line for the power supply of the resort ensure 24 hours electricity.

The resort has modern facilities for water supply so drinkable water is available 24 hours/a day. The clean and sewage water is processed in modern cleaning facilities without acoustic and environmental pollution.

You will be able to navigate the internet in the public areas of the resort using the public Wi-Fi. We can also help you to install personal dedicated lines in your residence.

During the summer season there will be lifeguards ready to guarantee your safety and that of your family in the beach.