Detaje ndertimi, Vala Mar Residences




Road Infrastructure
The community has an access/exit road, for pedestrians and vehicles. This main road enables the connection of the interior roads of the complex with the public area. Internal road infrastructure will differentiate roads, sidewalks and passages. Internal area circulation is regulated by road signs and the side greenery will decorate the area.

Urban Planning
The complex is effectively organized in terms of distribution of residential buildings and public spaces. It definitely has the proper engineering infrastructure; suitable geology terrain, as well as community water system and electricity supply. The project respects the morphology, characteristics and features of the investment area. Buildings are of different typologies, but combined according to an overall study of structure.

WasteWater System
Sewage/wastewater system is composed of individual villas’ lines, which emits in secondary network and then to the primary one. Delivering to the primary network is done mechanically; collectors unit together at the bottom of the complex and emit to the sewage waste water, which it is built far away from complex. This system is separated from the water waste system.


The façades are decorative and functional, with kapot system 31 cm thick.
Door and window systems are of coating aluminum, of contemporary parameters and respond to the aesthetical requirements as well as project requests, as well as to the technical specifications connected with the thermal parameters. The windows are double glazed.

Fire Detection and Alarm System
The signaling system is conventional. The panel is outfitted with two fire areas and indicates any area that belongs to the detector, which runs the alarm. Fire – signaling system is presented as a supplementary system, if requested by the client.

In Vala Mar Residences we apply two types of waterproofing systems; waterproofing system on the terrace and at the bottom of the first floor walls with bitumen membrane, which is 4 mm thick and has a -10°C temperature. Another waterproofing type, the two-component system will be applied mainly in bathrooms, balconies, terraces and exterior stairs.